We Only Work With High-Achieving Entrepreneurs
Who Know What They Want, Want It NOW, And Will Do Everything It Takes To Get It!
Looking To Turn Your Annual Income Into Your Monthly Income AKA 12x Your Results In 2020?
This Is For You!

“The consultations have resulted in a direct improvement of documents and communication materials we are using to attract potential sponsors and partners.”

Maruška Strah, Executive Director, WORLD SPACE WEEK ASSOCIATION

“In less than one hour, I went from charging £1997 for my package to charging a whopping £5500, and then went on to sell my first £5500 package in less than 3 days.”

Joyce Oladipo, Luxemburg, JoyceOladipo.com

“What Martina teaches, actually works. I made my program investment back in 3 months.”

Mira Milovanovič, Slovenia, Instagram.com/businesswellnessleader

“Working with Martina is like having a direct line to the brightest intellect and most positive energy around.”

Helen Elizabeth Evans, UK, StepIntoYourLight.com

“Working with Martina has definitely been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”

Klavdija Verlak, Slovenia, Intoivision.com

“Connecting with my own money archetypes has allowed me to clear the way to receive all that I have been asking for!”

Tracy Robin, NJ, USA, TracyRobin.com

“I’m sooooo amazed how quickly (after just one call with Martina!) I integrated new levels of my business strengths in my own personality, and how much clearer I am on my message.”

Liselotte Ellegaard, Denmark, LiselotteEllegaard.com

“A lot of programs you sign up for promise to be life-changing. Martina’s program has actually been life-changing for me!”

Tina Grilc, Slovenia, TinaGrilc.com

“I’m now on target to manifest and extra $30,000 in the next few weeks!”

Marilyn Rodriguez, AL, USA, TheMarilynRodriguez.com

“Investing in Martina’s programs has been my best and wisest decision.”

Vesna Hostnik, Slovenia, GlobinaLepote.si

“Working with Martina and the money archetypes has enabled me to know myself better, while learning how to create a successful coaching business.“

Mireille Parker, Australia, MireilleParker.com

“You end up with the feeling that the price you paid for the program is truly too low, given that you get so much more than what was promised.” 

Andreja Kastelic, Slovenia, DruzinaZlateDobe.si

“Martina’s skill will take you beyond trouble-shooting into succeeding.” 

Carmen Cook, Fl, USA, theblingspot.com

“I wouldn’t trade the friendly relationship with money I have today for anything in the world, so I definitely recommend working with Martina on your money story!”

Barbara Pinter Zupancic, Slovenia, barbarapinterzupancic.si

“I will continue to work with Martina for as long as I can!”

Rosemary Cunningham, UK, rosemarycunningham.co.uk

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