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What are you committed to manifest?

What are you committed to manifest?

I know, it’s a loaded question, but the answer can make or break your 2017 bottom line, so I’d say it’s worth taking the time to explore.

Let’s start with the fundamentals:

Whether in business, love, or any other area of life, you can set yourself up for manifestation success – or not.

It’s up to you, and it comes down to two key actions…

Preparation + execution.

The more strategic, thorough and persistent you are, the stronger your order to the universe to deliver in 3D what you envisioned in another dimension.

More or less, this is how I manifested my husband – not only was it a fast and fun process, I also met a man who exceeded my wildest desires and expectations.

This reminds me of the phrase »or something even better« often used in various »manifestation formulas«.

I attribute my amazing fortune of meeting him primarily to two factors:

1) I got crystal clear on the traits my ideal partner would have to have., non-negotiable. I wasn’t available for anything less than that! Calling me fierce would have been an understatement – even though the ladies in my social circle kept convincing me that a man like the one I was describing simply didn’t exist.

2) I listened to my intuition, and acted on what it was telling me immediately, no waiting. From the moment I took that one inspired action step to the moment my now husband and I went on our first date (and we’ve been together ever since, it’s going to be 9 years in a few days), not knowing each other from before, only ONE WEEK had passed.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because manifesting business outcomes follows the exact same »magical« blueprint.

Clarity + inspired action are the top two must-have manifestation elements you just can’t do without, period.

And then, there is COMMITMENT.

Commitment is what will have you persevere when there’s nothing on the horizon yet.

Commitment is what separates those who say they want something, and those who get it.

So, I ask you again…

What are you COMMITTED to manifest – because you’re no longer available for anything »less than«?

Be bold, go for it like you mean it.

Make sure the universe can’t possibly get a mixed message from you. Not now, not ever. 🙂

To your most lit-up and vibrant life + business,

dr. Martina Zorc, Business Success Strategist For Coaches and Coaches-to-be + Certified Money Coach


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