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Two mission-critical moments for filtering out non-ideal prospects

»Your time is invaluable, so why do you keep wasting it with the wrong people?«

This is one of those questions that pop up very often in my conversations with clients, and yes, I admit it, the eternal optimist in me sometimes breaks her own rules, too, and skips the cardinal rule in any expertise-based business.

Filter your prospects as best as you can before they ever come near your calendar, so that you can focus your attention on your IDEAL potential clients.

Everything you do online and offline, and especially everything you are, plays a role in determining who gets attracted to you and your invitations, and yet, there are TWO »mission-critial« moments for filtering out non-ideal prospects that way too many expertpreneurs overlook, dismiss as not essential, or simply lack to master.

They both boil down to asking specific questions, and interpreting the answers not only rationally, but intuitively, as well.

What I’m talking about is 1) the application someone has to fill out if they want to get on a private call with you, and 2) the strategy session you lead them through to identify their best next steps and explore how the two of you working together would look like.

Here’s the kicker, though.

Using the same questions everybody else is using is… well, useLESS.

You have to ***taylor them*** to YOUR ideal client. (Yes, in order to be able to do that, you need to know who they are.)

One thing that can help you come up with powerful questions for very revealing answers is to draw inspiration from assessment tools you already love/use/understand.

The bottom line is this – when you’re clear about the traits, default behavior and mindset of your ideal client, you can »reverse engineer« the questions you ask, both during the application process and the strategy session.

Then, all you need to do is NOT sabotage this brilliant time and energy saving strategy by letting compassion or fear override the best decision you can make for you and your business regarding taking – or not taking, in this case – someone on as a client.

Simple enough, yes?

Let me know if you’ll do it.

I know I will. I will go back to my drawing board, and re-invent my call application, plus add an extra layer to my strategy session structure to ensure that only the perfect-fit clients make it into my programs.

Picky is good. Picky IS compassionate AND wise.

It’s also very profitable, so next time you’re tempted to cave in and say yes when you should be saying NOOOOOOO, think again! 🙂

To your most lit-up and vibrant life + business,

dr. Martina Zorc, Business Success Strategist For Coaches and Coaches-to-be + Certified Money Coach


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