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Time to take the show on the road?

Money is our teacher.

The information it has in store for us about us is invaluable.

For instance…

If you’re not making money in your business (or the money you’d like to be making!), it’s possible that you are – very effectively – »hiding out«.

Perhaps you’re amazing at sales, have an offering that borders on supernatural (that’s how awesome it is), and even have people taking notice of what you’ve been up to.

But if you hesitate to go full in with your business…
To stop procrastinating due to perfectionism…
To finally LAUNCH, starting exactly where you are, because you know you’ll grow from there…
Basically, to take YOUR show on the road, so to speak,…

… then you’re not only missing out on some extraordinary experiences, you’re also robbing the clients you’re meant to touch with your brilliance of your work.

Within all of this, we each have our own unique definition of taking the show on the road.

Maybe yours is about publishing that website you’ve been tweaking forever, and instead, focusing on conversations that create cash.

Or maybe you’ve been talking for ages about going on tour, hosting mini in-person events around the country (or even abroad) to boost sales and expand your platform in those cities.

Whatever it is, you KNOW.

Because it’s nagging at you. Constantly.

Why lose any more energy on beating yourself up for not getting out there in a bigger way?

Even if that has been your reality for the past X months or years, it doesn’t have to be any more.

Think speed.

What is the fastest path to you 3D-ing your bold vision, past and beyond any hesitations, fears, doubts, or freak-out alerts?

In other words, what represents your ultimate stretch right now?

And who would you have to BE to take it on… today?

You are one decision away from the greatest year in your business yet.

Feel it. Embody it. Say YES.

Don’t let the world wait any longer.

To your most lit-up and vibrant life + business,

dr. Martina Zorc, Business Success Strategist For Coaches and Coaches-to-be + Certified Money Coach


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