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Not everything »old school« is obsolete!

If you keep yourself in the loop about all the latest and greatest in the online business space, you know that trends are coming and disappearing at lightening speed, the market is getting more and more sophisticated, and sometimes staying relevant and fresh amidst all the white noise feels almost impossible.

Ever felt that way?

I know I do. And yet, creativity and innovation are best sparked through conversations with people, and sharing your gifts.

And guess what, it is those exact conversations that create cash!

So, next time you feel like the NEW, techie, complex, etc. is pushing you into overwhelm, please remind yourself of the following.

Not everything »old school« is obsolete.

Phone calls rock, and yes, Skype counts, too! 🙂

I’m about to launch my first event for a new business venture I’ve been working on behind the scenes for quite some time now, and as comfortable the thought of filling it online, through attraction and broadcast marketing, I’m fully aware that the fastest path to a full room of my ideal clients is called TALKING TO PEOPLE; ONE ON ONE.

Remotely? Sure. But heart-to-heart nevertheless.

Can picking up the phone, or even scheduling calls with people you don’t know yet be intimidating?



Oh, yeah.

But it works. And that’s why it’s worth it.

Your money is waiting for you on the other side of the line, quite literally.

Abundance flows to you through other people, so please don’t shot yourself off in the sweet little bubble of your home office, and the safe, cozy hiding spot called »I’m only communicating one to many, online«.

Deal? 🙂


If you truly want to rewrite your money story, taking uncomfortable action EVERY DAY comes with the territory.

You can soooo do this! Just imagine how proud you’ll be at the end of each day if you make it a priority to book and/or conduct at least two opportunity calls/day.

These can be 1) strategy sessions, 2) free assessment calls and free coaching calls potentially leading into strategy sessions, 3) networking, »get acquainted« calls with your potential clients, or 4) other types of calls that put you (or could put you) in proximity of your ideal clients.

PEOPLE. People are your KEY to everything you desire in life.
Take the time to speak with them. Put meaningful conversations front and center in your agenda.

Online is great, but hybrid is best. And that, my awesome friend, is a quotable. 🙂

To your most lit-up and vibrant life + business,

dr. Martina Zorc, Business Success Strategist For Coaches and Coaches-to-be + Certified Money Coach


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