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Do you know which seeds to plant to 12x your income?

Do you know which seeds to plant to 12x your income?

Imagine turning your annual income into your *monthly* income.
What would that do for your business, and most importantly, your life?

Would you live more?
Would you expand your impact and help even more people?
Would you have more choice, freedom and stress-free creativity to be the very best human you can be, unburdened and empowered by your finances?


Very few things in entrepreneurship compare to the victorious feeling of having grown by leaps and bounds in just 12 months.

I still remember how CHANGED I felt.
I did it, and the biggest gift of it all is that I started believing that I can do it again any and every year I so choose.

Everything is possible…     ..

… IF you plant the right seeds (in a market full of hungry buyers), and nurture them consistently.

Here they are…

See yourself as someone who has already reached your new income goal/12x-ed your current income.

Visualize your celebration of this amazing YES!!! with emotion and energy – every single day, possibly multiple times a day.

Take massive inspired action, unlike anything you’ve ever done (except for those strategies that have been working for you and your business – those stay!)… way out of your comfort zone.

Create a 12x growth step-by-step strategy AND money-making assets that will »3D« your $$$ plan – funnels with insight marketing pieces, calls to action, and other elements that help you get one on one clients or fill your leveraged programs/online courses (plus a traffic generation system and other essential systems for a profitable business).

Focus on making money DAILY, starting with setting a daily income goal, and working towards meeting it before you do anything else with your day.

Continue upgrading your relationship with money and sales. Never stop.

Understand your personal WHY – why do you want to 12x your income?

Get support, both from a team that executes your strategies AND a mentor who can pinpoint what you can’t see because it hits a little too close to home.

Yes, you are absolutely right – it IS a teeny-tiny bit more complex than this… obviously!

But the bottom line is this…

Until you BELIEVE you CAN 12x your income in the next 12 months, nothing else matters.

There are strategies and mentors available to you that take care of the HOW TO.
Your main job is *not to talk yourself out of* receiving help streamlining your growth.

As long as 1) you’re stronger than your fears and doubts, 2) believe X can work for you, too, not just for the hundreds or thousands of others who are already thriving in the exact same industry you’re in (or want to be in), and 3) trust that if you take the first step, the others will be revealed to you, you’re primed to experience a massive income acceleration.

You start making different decisions.

You start taking different action.

You become superhero-confident, finally awakening the world-class entrepreneur in you. 🙂

To your most lit-up and vibrant life + business,

dr. Martina Zorc, Business Success Strategist For Coaches and Coaches-to-be + Certified Money Coach


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